Good for You and Your Baby: 7 Reasons to See a Prenatal Chiropractor

You love everything about being pregnant, except for the aches & pains. If you're seeking relief, here are 7 reasons to see a prenatal chiropractor.

According to this report, 3.7 million people reported back problems in Australia within a single year.

In fact, it was also reported as the third leading cause of disease burden in Australia. 

However, not many people consider how much back pain impacts a pregnancy. With a prenatal chiropractor, you can avoid pregnancy complications—and pain—for a much happier nine-month experience. 

Here are seven reasons to receive chiropractic care during pregnancy. That way, you can enjoy every moment the incredible experience of your pregnancy has to offer!

1. Healthier, Happier Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, you're bound to experience a number of changes, both physically and hormonally. Your centre of gravity will shift as your baby develops, which causes your posture to shift as well. 

As a result, you're likely to experience discomfort during your pregnancy.

With a prenatal chiropractor, you can ensure your spine and joins remain aligned. That way, you can avoid pain to your back, neck, and shoulders, even as your baby grows. 

By helping you manage your pain, chiropractic care during pregnancy can also improve your overall experience throughout your pregnancy. That includes your pain levels, mood, and so much more (which we discuss in-depth below).

As a result, you can focus on planning for the big day and greeting your bundle of joy!

2. Relieve Pain

Pregnancies cause a lot of discomfort. As your body changes, you'll also experience:

  • Changes to your posture

  • Changes to your pelvis (this is your body preparing for labour)

  • An increased curve in your back (which then causes a protruding abdomen)

Regular visits to your prenatal chiropractor can help you manage and relieve pain caused by these changes. As an added bonus, regular adjustments also improve your balance and alignment for your pelvis and spine. 

Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy provide pain relief to your hips, back, and joints. It also reduces spinal nerve stress. 

In addition to helping mummy feel better, this pain relief can help the baby, too.

That way, your baby has a happy, healthy environment to call home until they're finally ready to meet you.  

3. Control Nausea

How's morning sickness treating you so far? By scheduling regular visits to your prenatal chiropractor, you can keep this unfortunate side effect of pregnancy under control.

Unfortunately, pain caused by intestinal or digestive issues can worsen your back pain. As the weight of your growing foetus adds strain to your back, it can impact these bodily functions, too. 

Avoid over-the-counter medications during your pregnancy to relieve this nausea.

Instead, choose chiropractic care during your pregnancy. This natural option can help relieve your pain and nausea while keeping the baby safe, too. 

4. More Effective Treatment Option

While many doctors may prescribe massages and exercise to relieve your back pain, that isn't always enough.

Chiropractic care from a prenatal chiropractor can focus on the root of your pain, instead of simply trying to lessen it. That way, your relief actually lasts. 

Relieving your back pain can also relieve headaches you're experiencing as well. 

Your chiropractor will recognise where you're unaligned and alleviate the source of the misalignment. This will relieve the symptoms you're experiencing, including:

  • Lower and upper back pain

  • Hip and low back pain

  • Pain that radiates down the leg

  • Pubic-bone pain

  • Rib misplacement

Discover more about our chiropractic care treatments for during and after your pregnancy today.

5. Avoid Injections & Pain Relievers

We've already mentioned that a chiropractic treatment allows you to avoid pain relief for nausea. However, it can also help you avoid other potentially harmful over-the-counter drugs during your pregnancy as well. 

As a natural option for mothers-to-be, a prenatal chiropractor can provide you with an alternative to corticosteroids. Instead of using drugs to decrease your inflammation, an alignment can relieve your pain at the source.

A prenatal chiropractor can also teach you gentle stretches and exercises for at-home relief.  

6. Prevent Potential Caesarean

According to the Australian Department of Health, 30.9 percent of pregnancies resulted in caesarean births in a single year.

When your pelvis is out of alignment, your body limits the amount of space available to your growing baby. This can also limit the baby's movements, which is called intrauterine constraint. 

This, unfortunately, leads to birth defects.

If your baby is in the wrong position, your doctor may suggest a caesarean. To lower the chances of complications during labour, make an appointment with your chiropractor.

An adjustment from your prenatal chiropractor can keep your body aligned throughout your pregnancy. This provides your baby with plenty of room to move and grow, especially when it's time for them to be born.

7. Reduce Labour & Delivery Time

An unaligned pelvis can also cause problems during your delivery. When your pelvis is misaligned, you're limiting the amount of space your baby has to move. This includes the space they need during the delivery.

This misalignment can make it difficult for your baby to find the best position to be born in (with their head down, rear-facing).

When your baby has moved outside of this optimal birthing position, it could possibly extend the time you're in labour.

It could also lead to complications during the delivery, which we discussed above. 

Instead, visits to your prenatal chiropractor can help you avoid these complications. In fact, chiropractic care during pregnancy can even reduce the amount of time you're in labour. 

7 Reasons to Have a Good Prenatal Chiropractor

With these seven reasons to have a good prenatal chiropractor, it's a wonder you haven't scheduled your appointment already.

Spend your pregnancy focussing on the wonders of motherhood instead of your pain. With a prenatal adjustment, you can relieve your back pain and avoid potential complications with your pregnancy.

Plus, alinments can help give your baby plenty of room to move and grow. 

Start protecting your baby even before they're born with a prenatal alinment.

Contact us today to learn more about our chiropractic care before scheduling your first appointment.