Back Pain Prevention: 7 Tips to Prevent Back Injuries and Pain

Back Pain Prevention: 7 Tips to Prevent Back Injuries and Pain

Back Pain Prevention: 7 Tips to Prevent Back Injuries and Pain

A whopping 3.7 million Australians endure chronic back problems. The Australian government estimates that this could be about 16% of the total Australian population. Considering that Australia has a youthful population, such figures are alarming.

You may have felt that sudden sharp pain, whenever you strain your back. The kind of pain that makes you want to just lay down and do nothing. Well, this concern is becoming more common by the day. Read on for back pain prevention tips.

Seven Tips for Back Pain Prevention

A lot of things that you do or not do, can be the reason for these recurrent episodes of backaches. If you have had this problem, you know that back pain can be painful, uncomfortable, especially not ideal. Click here to learn some tips for back pain prevention and how to not injure your back.

1. Exercise

When was the last time you made the effort of sweating it out? Well, the majority of Australians are adopting more sedentary lifestyles over time. This trend in lifestyle increases the risk of back pains two-fold. If you are looking for back pain prevention options, then you need to get up and get moving.

Chiropractor Jen of the LJ Chiropractic clinic notes that exercising is the easiest way to avoid back pains. If you are physically unfit indulging in the easiest of tasks can cause back pains. You need to keep fit so that you keep your joints fluid.

Exercising can save you from potential back pains and back troubles.

2. Your Posture is Everything

There is a notable trend amongst most of the patients who seek chiropractic care. The trend relates to being deskbound. If you want to save you back from inevitable harm you may need to review your sitting arrangement.

If you are fond of slouching over your computer for long hours "making a living," what you may not understand is that this could be your greatest undoing. Seek advice from the qualified chiropractor on ergonomically safe work stations and postures.

Excessive leaning over can have significant implications on your back. A Chiropractor can guide you on the best sitting postures that allow for the natural curving of your back. Do not be too focused to beat that deadline at the expense of your health.

3. You Need to Shed That Weight

If you are keen on how to prevent back pain, then you need to keep your weight in check. You probably think that weight check is overrated. But the truth is that having the right body weight can save you from potential health complications.

A majority of patients with back pains tend to struggle with weight issues. Your centre of weight balance tends to shift when you have a protruding tummy. This can be the cause of your recurrent back pains.

Overweight back pain can cause you immense problems. You need to start by eating right. Obesity and back problems are close cousins.

4. Take Note of Your Sleeping Position

Different people enjoy varying sleeping positions. But from a chiropractor point of view, sleeping on your sideways is the best and safest option to protect your back. You could be doing more harm to your back when you sleep on your stomach than you could ever imagine.

Specialists’ advise that even when you sleep on your stomach, it is important that you put a pillow under your belly. Chiropractors also advise that you need a small pillow under your back if you prefer to sleep on your back.

These measures are not in any way meant to limit your liberty to toss and turn in bed. Rather, they are an attempt to save you from potential back problems.

5. Minimise Twisting motions

This is specific to fitness enthusiasts and individuals who specialize in manual work. When you lift heavy objects, it is important that you avoid sudden twisting that can interfere with the natural back curve. Ensure that you maintain twisting motions to the minimum.

Your spine is delicate when subjected to sudden or rigorous twisting motions. Your body will give you warning signs that remind you of the risk to your spine. Take such signs with the seriousness they deserve.

Chiropractor Jen works with fitness enthusiasts and athletes by offering guided advice on how to avoid such twisting motion injuries. This advice covers safe lifting techniques based on systematic guides. You should be keen on your back movements if you want to remain active for long.

6. Reduce the Time Spent On High-Heeled Shoes

If you are a lady, this point may touch a raw nerve pertaining to your sense of fashion. The bad news is that indeed, those high-heeled shoes could be the cause of recurrent lower backaches.

The good news is that you only need to reduce the number of hours spent on high heels. Not necessarily throwing them away.

Chiropractors note that posture is at the centre of back pain prevention. These high heeled shoes tend to push your body weight forward against the natural posture of your physique. This has a direct implication on the back of the pelvis.

Reducing the number of hours spent wearing those 5-inch stilettos could help keep your back strong.

7. Holistic Approach

When all is said, there are other approaches that focus on holistic health. Back pain prevention may require bodywork techniques such as chiropractic intervention. Your Chiropractor will take you through sports and manual massage to enhance tissue healing.

You may also benefit from specialized advice on some of the concerns you may have about back pain. A chiropractor has the know-how needed to guide you through any back-related concerns.

Back Pain Prevention Begins with You

Most of the times, the problems with our back are a result of our undoing. Sedentary lifestyles, desk-bound work settings, and obesity are the most common contributors to back pains. Other general day-to-day concerns such as your sleeping position also affect the ability to ensure back pain prevention.

You may be able to address all these factors by taking advantage of these tips. You no longer need to worry about back pain prevention. You only need to seek additional advice from trained therapists on specialized interventions.

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