Pinched Nerve (Sciatica) Treatment In Caringbah

Symptoms for sciatica vary depending on the amount of inflammation and muscle guarding that appears around the nerve. The pain generally presents as tingling, numbness or weakness originating in the lower back (around lumbar segment 3) and may proceed to progress through the glutes and along the large sciatic nerve behind each leg. Its intensity can range from mild and irritating to extreme and debilitating. Here at LJ Chiropractic in Caringbah, we offer treatment plans for sciatica pinched nerves by first identifying the source of your discomfort so as to reach an accurate diagnosis. From there, we will be able to implement a personalised treatment plan to manage your condition as required.

What causes Sciatica pain?

Sciatica is a generic term that indicates pain that may be referring from inflammation in the supporting structures; for example, the ligaments and muscles. This can cause the lower back to biomechanically compensate for the weakness in these areas, referring the strain to the lower back or hips. Sciatica can also be caused by a build-up of uneven loading on the lower back and pelvis over a period of time due to our daily routine. For example, if you sit for prolonged periods of time or if you employ poor technique when lifting repetitively you may be left with irritation and an imbalance in your supporting ligaments, joints and muscles, which will eventually lead to pain. 

Chiropractors are trained extensively in diagnosing and managing lower back conditions and will be able to treat your sciatic pain with one of our refined and customisable treatment plans.

The majority of Sciatica sufferers recover from their nerve pain after a couple of weeks with conservative, nonsurgical treatment. In the most extreme of circumstances, surgical intervention may sometimes be required.

Treat your pinched nerve at our chiropractic clinic in Caringbah

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