LJ Chiropractic care about your health and wellbeing. Whether you want to get relief from the nagging backache and neck pain, sudden pinched nerve, ongoing migraine or aim to improve your general wellbeing, LJ Chiropractic is interested in helping you manage your condition the natural way. Here we look after families and individuals from all walks of life, from mums and bubs, elderly, pregnant women, tradies, office workers, and kids.

Our aim is to create a healthy and able community. Chiropractic management and treatment will help ensure you lead the quality of life to the best your body can be.


Everyday People

Whether you are here for pain or general maintenance, LJ Chiropractic is able to attend to your needs the safe, natural and effective way. It may be complimentary to your current healthcare management to attain quicker results whether you are being managed with medication, post operative care, chronic degeneration, a previous injury, improved performance at sport, acute pinched nerve or postural re-alignment from wear and tear from daily routine.

Many people naturally find relief for aches, pains and symptoms of a huge range of conditions.


Office Workers

Neck stiffness, headaches, frozen shoulder, hamstring strain, slip discs are all a result of compensatory posture from prolonged sitting. Chiropractic management is a natural long term solution to recurring joint and muscular symptoms and injuries to ensure movement disorders are prevented.

An average Australian worker spends of an average of 80 000 hours seated in the course of his working life and 80% of those who work at a computer everyday suffer from tension and pain in the shoulder, back or neck dysfunctions and more than half have back problems.

Poor ergonomics and occupational hazard contributes to a great amount of stress and tension on your neck, back and shoulders can often manifest in tension headache and pinched nerves thus interfering with work productivity and mood.

Chiropractic care will therefore help address the wear and tear by realigning the spine to ensure better movement and improved posture to allow the body to function at its optimal level. It is also crucial we recommend specific rehabilitative exercises to ensure results are long lasting.



Many women go through lower back pain and secondary muscle spasm during pregnancy due to structural adaptations and change in load distribution within the pelvic structures. Lose in integrity of lower back support and increase in circulating progesterone, estrogen and relaxin could cause disc pain, sciatica, pinched nerve sensation, shoulder and neck discomfort. Direct pressure of the foetus onto the lumbosacral nerve root is also a common cause of pain.

Chiropractic prenatal care can help safely address these issues by relieving pain and discomfort in her spine through safe and gentle joint mobilisation and stretches to allow the mother to comfortably go through her pregnancy and daily routine with ease.


Fitness Enthusiasts and Athletes

What do Ronda Rousey, Tiger Woods, Usain Bolt and Arnold Schwartzeneger have in common? They all receive chiropractic treatment to keep them on the field, in the ring and on the court! Professional atheletes know that they need to stay in prime condition to stay in the game. While daily tasks can be enough to put strain on our bodies, playing sports is one of the most common causes of pain, injury or any sort of physical discomfort—this could be in the form of anything from persistent aches to sharp pains in certain positions.

Whether it’s a shoulder or ankle condition, LJ Chiropractic offers evidence-based treatments to not only aid your recovery but to optimise your movement and improve your performance in sport.


Tiny Tots

Children are constantly active and prone to falling down and injuring themselves during toddlerhood. To ensure their sensory and motor function are at peak condition, it is important to address the bumps and falls to ensure they are less prone to developing affected movement habits dysfunction later in adulthood.



Cervical whiplash from rapid sudden back to front motion of the neck or sidelash can cause short term neck pain and restriction in movement in the neck, in which if not addressed could lead to permanent neck pain or dysfunction. 

Chiropractors are trained to diagnose the severity of the condition and will perform a thorough history and physical examination. Extra imaging such as x-ray will be necessary to manage this case. Here at LJ Chiropractic, we will assess for related muscular dysfunction and treatment will involve gentle stretches and mobilisation and home care. Although neck/shoulder pain is a common reported symptom, other symptoms may include headaches, neck swelling, associated muscle spasm, numbness or tingling in arm, nausea and dizziness that may arise immediately or overtime.

We also rehabilitate movement and mobility post surgery, e.g. hip, knee replacement to ensure the surrounding biomechanics around that region is restored.



Migraines and headaches

It is estimated that 10 to 12 percent of the Australian population suffer from migraines which costs the country $1.5 billion each year. There could be a myriad of triggers of migraine and headaches however most Australians have had noticeable improvement after receiving chiropractic treatment.  70%  headaches are referred from the neck and improves dramatically when the inflammation reduces.  Chiropractic is a great long term solution that is natural and effective.  


Accomplished Seniors

Unintentional injuries and falls are the most common occurrence in geriatric patients. Falls can result in a decreased quality of life and major disability in older adults. Related direct medical costs are at least $19 billion, expected to reach $44 billion by 2020. Of those fallers whose injuries require hospitalisation, 40-50% subsequently lose their independence and enter a nursing home.

Pain related musculoskeletal disability such as osteoarthritis influences balance, gait and ability to accomplish daily activities and contributes to risk of falling.

Chiropractic is therefore frequently used for complimentary and alternative care as it is low risk, natural and drug free. By addressing joint pain, stiffness, vertigo and dizziness, current literature suggests chiropractic has a positive effect on improving balance and increases joint mobility. Treatment involves gentle stretches, mobilisation and fall prevention exercise is advised. Commonly the practitioner will communicate with the patient’s other health care providers to ensure management is from a multidisciplinary approach.