First Visit


During your first visit, the practitioner will go through a thorough medical history. This is then followed by a physical, neurological and orthopaedic examination which will involve postural analysis, spinal and limb joint movement to reinforce diagnosis of the condition.

Your chiropractor will then explain the condition and discuss your treatment for the management of your condition. Treatment involves 10-15 minutes of massage/ultrasound followed by your chiropractic management care. Advice on management of the condition such as postural and lifestyle changes is then suggested in order to achieve your improvement for short and long term goals.

Following an adjustment, some people may feel a slight soreness following their first few adjustments. This occurs as the body re-aligns and generally only lasts a short time of approximately 24-48 hours.

Subsequent visits


In your second and subsequent consultations the chiropractor will continue with the treatment plan as outlines in your first visit.  If for some reason you are not responding as anticipated, or we have found one treatment type is not as effective as another then we will alter the treatment as required, after consultation with you.

If you come in with a new problem then the chiropractor will assess you again to form another diagnosis.